Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Six Letter Update

There has been a lot of change occurring in my life as of late. Usually, merely thinking of those six letters put together is enough to keep me up at night and even make me throw up a little. But I have found myself persisting, and yes, even thriving on my own. As in all things, I must give God the glory. But I'd also like to think that my being surrounded by wonderful people, eating fabulous food and listening to brilliant music has had a lot to do with my successful thrivingness (I'm not in the mood-for once-to use a thesaurus).

I realize that I'm being quite vague, and I'm OK with that for now. So vague I will stay. Plus I realize that things are still settling, thus the change-cycle continueth. But I suppose that if you're just dying to know what shampoo I have switched to or what brand of socks I am now wearing, feel free to inquire within. And also feel free to send prayers my way. That is a constant that I will daily-and nightly-welcome.


Miranda said...
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Miranda said...

I will hope (and assume) that I am in fact one of the wonderful people, and that my hot chocolate is in fact some of the fabulous food...We're here for ya' babe.

However, if you have new socks I should try, you best not be holding out on me. :)

Also, I doth certainly approveth of the thy language, even sans the thesaurus. :)

Jeff and Megan said...

Girl with the same name as me anytime! Prayers are definately headed your way! We need to hang out next time you are here....CALL ME! Love you!

Jimmy P said...

you're due for an update...:)

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